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Dan Nixon – Pirate Size Productions & Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio

Dan Nixon is the deep imaginative force behind Pirate Size Productions and Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio, two entities that exemplify the significant importance of storytelling. His own writing career has taken him into television and writing for young audiences between pre-school to young adults and in doing so, lives and breathes this demographic and theContinue reading “Dan Nixon – Pirate Size Productions & Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio”

Shaz Mullens – Fresh Theatre For Social Change

Shaz Mullens is a Playwright, Youth Worker and the Former Executive Director of Fresh Theatre For Social Change, a non-profit theatre company that seeks out to adopt social change and thinking within a community, as well as creating a safe space for young people to explore and inhibit their creativity with like-minded people, ultimately discoveringContinue reading “Shaz Mullens – Fresh Theatre For Social Change”

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