Nate Hill – Making Worlds Through Art

G’day. It’s been a while, how have you been? The life source is still going strong, and before the year is out, I have a few more great conversations to share with you. In the latest episode of Dream Machine, I spoke with Nate Hill about his work in the world of photography and digitalContinue reading “Nate Hill – Making Worlds Through Art”

Erin Dick: Creating Community

Erin Dick is the Content Coordinator at SYN Media and like many others before her, has come from a volunteer capacity and a passion for community radio. She is also the head of Community Engagement for Deathmatch Down Under, where she has been a heavily invested in the transformation of inclusivity and the positive communityContinue reading “Erin Dick: Creating Community”

Dan Nixon – Pirate Size Productions & Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio

Dan Nixon is the deep imaginative force behind Pirate Size Productions and Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio, two entities that exemplify the significant importance of storytelling. His own writing career has taken him into television and writing for young audiences between pre-school to young adults and in doing so, lives and breathes this demographic and theContinue reading “Dan Nixon – Pirate Size Productions & Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio”

Shaz Mullens – Fresh Theatre For Social Change

Shaz Mullens is a Playwright, Youth Worker and the Former Executive Director of Fresh Theatre For Social Change, a non-profit theatre company that seeks out to adopt social change and thinking within a community, as well as creating a safe space for young people to explore and inhibit their creativity with like-minded people, ultimately discoveringContinue reading “Shaz Mullens – Fresh Theatre For Social Change”

Nathan Wilson – Access To The Arts

How can we provide access to the arts programs for people in disadvantaged circumstances? Nathan Wilson has been embarking on this mission since 2016 when the conversation began around Project C, a creative arts program for school kids who may struggle to reach opportunities like playing an instrument or learning art, and having each ofContinue reading “Nathan Wilson – Access To The Arts”

Pia Nesvara – Breaking The Stage

What if we used music to provide a voice for the unheard? This is the mission that Pia Nesvara is carrying out through her own song craft and performance in addition to providing mentoring for young aspiring musicians. Having made her mark in the Dandenong Ranges and Melbourne music community, she expresses her own voiceContinue reading “Pia Nesvara – Breaking The Stage”

Lance Peele – The Gift Of Music

What if making art was a gift-giving process? This is exactly what Lance Peele speaks towards with this idea in the creation phase of his music and poetry. Lance is a singer songwriter and poet who helps breathe life, groove and passion into the Jazz and Blues music scene, particularly in the Dandenong Ranges areaContinue reading “Lance Peele – The Gift Of Music”

Evrim Şen – Empowering Young People To Broadcast

Did you know that there is a radio station in Melbourne designed for young people by young people? Evrim Şen started at SYN Media in 2016 and has taken the full journey from volunteer to staff member. She is passionate about providing a platform that allows social impact as well as the opportunity for youngContinue reading “Evrim Şen – Empowering Young People To Broadcast”

Richard Galbraith – Cartooning To Inspire

Have you ever said out loud the statement, “I can’t draw?” For about 30 years, Richard Galbraith has been defying that urban myth by travelling around Australia and beyond to deliver cartooning workshops. In these sessions with primary school students, he takes them on a journey and shows what they’re truly capable of through theContinue reading “Richard Galbraith – Cartooning To Inspire”